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Introduction to Lift Servicing


Lift Servicing Guide

The Lift Servicing Guide covers a whole series of topics about Lift Servicing.

Information is provided about the process of servicing your Lift, keeping the Lift safe and running smoothly, maintaining proper records, Risk Assessments, making sure your lift has the correct signage and information about the legal and health and safety requirements of looking after your Lift.

Further Information


Information is provided here about finding a good Lift Servicing Firm along with various resources from the Legal and Governing bodies concerned with Lift Servicing and Safety. These include direct links to documents produced by the Legal and Professional Lift Bodies including the HSE, LOLER, LEIA and SAFED.

A Selection of useful links to other Websites and resources providing even more information about Lift Servicing.

These include the main professional bodies concerned with Lift Safety and Lift Servicing.

Lift Service Contracts

A good Lift Servicing Contract will help keep your Lift correctly maintained and safe.

Information is provided here about what to look for in a good Lift Servicing Contract and how this can benefit you.

Further Information

This is a Guide to Lift Servicing and is designed to provide useful information about the process, benefits and responsibilities for keeping your Lift correctly serviced, maintained and safe.

You may have recently become responsible for looking after a Lift either as a building owner or taken on the responsibility of managing a building which has one or more Lifts. You now need to find out how to have your Lift serviced and the duties you now have to keep your Lift examined and safe for use. The Lift which you now need to make sure is correctly serviced maybe in a Hotel, Nursing Home, Office Block, Residential Block of Flats, Factory, Retail Shop, Charity Building or even a Private Home.

All types of Lift require to be serviced and safely maintained and you have a duty to keep each type of Lift regularly examined. This guide provides information on the requirements of Passenger Lift Servicing, Goods Lift Servicing, Scissor Lift Servicing, Hydraulic Lift Servicing, Traction Lift Servicing, MRL (Motor Room Less) Lift Servicing and Stair Lift Servicing.

The Guide is split into four main sections:-

The Lift Servicing Guide

Information on Lift Servicing Contracts

Further Information and Resources about Lift Servicing

A Links section to various other useful Websites about Lift Servicing